Labor day in Jamaica

Arrived in Port Antonio this morning at 2:00.  Picked up a mooring buoy and slept in this morning.  It was a pretty long run from Ocho Rios yesterday, tacking into the wind (which was 20-25 knots at times) for 40 miles.  When I finally started to get closer (about 8 miles out) the wind died and I had to engine in.

Turns out that today is Labor Day for Jamaica.  That is my second labor day of the month (after May 1st in Cuba, the real labor day).  Have not made it any further than the marina’s office and the internet computers.  Unfortunately there are some technical reasons that stop me from reading my email (might have to look into a workaround later).

Plan is to stay here for a few days, this will be my last provisioning before the long leg to Aruba (500 miles into prevailing winds).

Port Antonio is a nice town surrounded by green mountains (actually, all of Jamaica has been very green).  Maybe one of the coming days I will get a bike ride into the mountains, depends on weather and my success in unblocking my gear shifter.

The boat is pretty much ready for the trip to Aruba, after beating into the wind for the past days.  Might tighten up some of the stays a little bit, but other than some more fresh food, more water and a fill up of fuel things are ready to go.  As far as I can tell the weather forecast is steady, winds between 15 and 20 knots.  It is going to be hard, but I knew that already.

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