Getting ready for the big jump

The plan is now to leave Sunday morning for Oranjestad, Aruba.  Did some shopping yesterday and have a few more things left today (including pulling up along the dock to fill up the water tanks).  Already have cleared with immigration, still need to get a visit from customs.

The distance to Aruba is 500 miles, but straight into the trade winds.  Which means I will be tacking all the way. 

Having talked to a few sailors here, it does sound that Cartagena, Columbia, could be a viable alternative.  They say it is nice, a good marina and safe.  The reason I am considering this is that it is most likely a destination that I can reach on one tack.  Then from there I could follow the coast line east, normally along the coast the trade winds are not as strong, and the influence of the continent could make for more favorable winds. 

Cartagena is my plan B, I will leave aiming for Aruba, and once I get far enough south, I am going to decide if I will aim for Aruba or Cartagena.  That will probably depend on things like: how long did it take me to get there, how tired (mentally and physically) am I, does the boat need any kind of repairs?

Either way, I expect this to be at least a 10 day trip, but 2 weeks sounds more likely.

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3 Responses to Getting ready for the big jump

  1. john says:


    Eindelijk heb ik je mail weer gevonden met je blog adres en zie dat ik nog heel wat heb bij te lezen.
    Ben in ieder geval blij te zien dat je nog bent en reageer later nog als ik een beetje bij gelezen ben.

    John de Viet

    P.S. Zit 2de wk juni weer in Houston.

  2. kim says:

    Hi Frank,
    ook ik was je blog even kwijt, maar nu weer gevonden.
    ben benieuwd naar deze oversteek en heb in mijn agenda gezet dat ik je
    over 1,5 week weer ga lezen.
    wij hebben zelf net een amsterdam-dakar/banjul auto avontuurtje achter
    de rug. een soort tedje van es actie, wel spannend geweest.

  3. elemoine says:


    Sorry I didn’t realize you were off to the Netherlands Antilles so soon.

    While in Dallas at a conference a few months ago I met a gentleman from Curacao,
    who I’m sure would be glad to show you around the island. Also you could use his address
    if you need to have anything mailed to you (such as a replacement gear shift lever).

    Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll contact him.

    Question: how are you tracking the weather systems?


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