About me

My name is Frank Breure, I have recently started this cruising adventure two yearsago. It started at the Severn River Marina (near Hayes, VA) on November 1st. The boat was sailed/motored through the ICW and offshore to Jacksonville during the month of November. The stories of these adventures can be found on my Yahoo 360 blog.

For the last 7 years I worked at Fugro Chance Inc as a software engineer in Lafayette, LA. All those years I have been trying to put money aside to make this trip possible. I was also an amateur bicycle racer, last two years for Memphis MotorWerks/CARVE .


DOB: 20 July 1968

Place of Birth: Sint-Maartensdijk, The Netherlands

Elementary School: De Rieburgh (Sint-Maartensdijk)

Grammar School: ‘t Rijks (Bergen op Zoom)

College: HTS-HIO (Den Haag)

Places I have lived: Sint-Maartendsdijk (18 years), Den Haag (7 years), Amsterdam (6 years), Lafayette (7 years).

Boats I have owned: Waarschip 600 (wood), Wing 720 (fiberglass).

New motto I have come up with:

You are only limited by your own fear for the unknown .

And, to quote a famous sailor (Sir Francis Chichester):

Anyone can sail around the world, it takes a sailor to do it drunk.